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Synergy Accounting is a complete Accounting Suite built in mind of user-friendliness, performance, security and scalability.

User-friendly Interface & Forms
  • Resizable Forms and Data Grids which is personalized to individual user. User can resize,sort and group columns and system will remember settings for each user
  • Easy multi tasking and toggling between forms.
  • Create / setup masterfiles through links in data input forms.
  • Easy Access Menu and Tree View Navigations.

Performance and Scalability
  • Designed for Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2(Express) ensuring that it will scale with your growing business.
  • Optimized programming with SQL Server Stored Procedures.
  • Secured database.
  • Minimizing data corruption possibility as oppose to file-based database.

Designed for Multi User Operations
  • User-defined Auto Reference Number.
  • Assign and restrict users to only certain functions they can do.
  • Restricted user can request for permission override and the overriding task can be performed either on-site or remotely.
  • Record Event Logs (Audit Trial) whenever user performs operation on any masterfile and transaction.

Advance Reporting
  • Flexible reports, Custom data grouping.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, Word etc …
  • Charts / Graphs drill-down to source document.
  • Record filtering options and advanced user-defined criteria.
  • Load and Save function allows user to save the settings and criteria of the report and load it for re-use.
  • User defined report allows user to choose any fields to view in report.

  • Display reports in local or foreign currency.
  • Automatic Realized & Unrealized gain/loss posting.
  • Revalue currency at anytime.

No Year-End or Month-End processing
  • Transaction is not bound by accounting period. You can input transaction of any date and system will post to the period. Our system also allow user to set accounting period limit to avoid input errors which will affect the financial reports.

Order Tracking
  • Tracking Items from requisition and quotation until fulfillment in purchase invoice and sales invoice.

Mobile Order Taking & Inquiries
  • Mobile salesperson can take orders anywhere with any type of smartphone or tablet devices through our Web-Front Online Portal.
  • Allow inquiry on stock balance and customer information anywhere, anytime.

Partial Delivery
  • Allow partial delivery in D/O, also able to skip process like from S/O direct to Invoice.

Matrix Item
  • Supports up to 3 dimension matrix.
  • Utility to generate Matrix Item by specifying the characteristics of the items.
  • Maintained as a single Item. single update to affect all related matrix item.
  • Stock Level Control for each matrix item.
  • Supports Order Tracking and Partial Delivery for individual matrix item in all transactions.

Serial Number Tracking
  • Allow input Serial Number in transaction and print out on Invoice.
  • Tracking Serial Number movement.
  • Tracking warranty date/expiry date from Vendor and to customer.

  • Supports unlimited UOM for Items. Can use different UOM for Sales, Purchases and Reporting purpose.

GR/IR Cost Difference Handling
  • Automatically calculates the cost difference between the Goods Received and Invoice Received. This ensure accuracy of the stock costing.

Freight / Landing cost Handling
  • Allows input of freight and any other charges after an Invoice is received. It is also possible to have charges from different vendor which is different than in the Invoice Received.

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